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CMII Europe Solution Partner

As the official source of CMII standards in Europe, GfKM – CMII Europe GmbH maintains a list of certified CMII providers.

Because of our commitment in the CMII area, DataSquare has been awarded the title "Europe Solution Partner", being the fourth consulting firm to gain it.

CMII Europe Solution Partner are consulting firms which employ consultants with the status "CMII Professional" and offer support for companies implementing CMII. This includes training, consulting, coaching and monitoring as well as the execution of assessments.

CMII is high on the agenda at DataSquare, because our project experience has shown that the symbiosis of configuration management and PLM is a very close one. Areas such as change management, requirements management, product structuring in different views form a major intersection from both management principles, amongst many others. Therefore, CMII consulting is a useful addition to our Business consulting portfolio.

For more information about CMII Europe Solution Partners, please visit the GfKM website.

DataSquare is CMII Europe Solution Partner of GfKM

R2 Initiative

DataSquare is R2 Specialist of the Reduced Rework Initiative for company-stabilization